How to use ‘AGENT RATINGS’ as a tool to improve your customer service


Ratings from customers are often taken as a benchmark by companies in order to have an idea about how well trained the support agents are, how much happy and loyal are the customers and how professionally the support staffs are handling the customer queries.

Excellent customer support is one of the main components related to the success of any product or service. If you make your customers happy, they will not only return to you for further business and recommend your brand to their friends and relatives but also will become your loyal brand ambassadors.

Let’s explore in detail !

Tip: “Customer service ratings can help you to identify who are your best support agents as well as those who need additional training”

How ‘Agent Rating’ can improve your brand image

It’s very important to keep an eye on the satisfaction of individual customers. If they are not happy then there is something seriously wrong. But why you need customer rating for your support staffs? The answer is pretty simple: CONSISTENCY in support service is the secret ingredient for making your customers satisfied. So as a business owner, you should ensure that agents maintain a level of consistency in their service that makes customers happy.

Tip: Ratings will help you to determine the agents who are the friendliest, have the best support skills so that you can get new ideas from them to include in training sessions and improve the overall support service.” 

What is ‘Agent Rating’?



• Agent rating is the alternative way to ensure how truly your customers are satisfied with your service. If you get a ‘bad’ rating, then at least you can follow up to find out what went wrong and improve your services.

• It’s not enough to think that your agents are providing excellent support, let your customers also agree to this. Customer service rating is an easy and effective tool to understand the quality of your service.

Live Chat for getting agent ratings and customer feedback

“Studies show that 56% of shoppers prefer Live Chat over other communication methods.”

So it means your customers get happier when they receive assistance over live chat– beating out, phone, email and other support channels.

• With live chat, getting customer rating has become easier than before
• At any point during the live chat session, the customer can provide agent rating or additional comments.
• You can check the detailed chat history between live chat agents and visitors to find out all the chat ratings and comments from customers.
• If live chat agent is confident about the quality of his support service, he can promptly ask the customer to give the agent rating. It’s an effortless way to get instant customer feedback.

Several companies often spend a huge amount of money on market research only to understand what customers think about their products and offerings. In most of cases, the agencies do the market survey and submit reports to the companies. So here the final report comes through several layers of filtration. But in case of live chat, as you can directly talk to the customers you get instant feedback from them. The process is no only faster but less expensive also.

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  • Pronoy

    Really it’s the best way to judge the customer sanctification and the agent’s capability to serve the customers through live chat support . The ratting option comes after closing the chat window and if the customer close the chat how can an agent ask the customer to give ratting?

  • subroto

    How does satisfy the customers and increase the rating of the agents of a live chat solution?

  • Hello Pronoy
    Thanks for visiting our blog section.

    After every chat session, the rating option appears and it completely depends on the customer whether he or she wants to rate or not. They can rate your support or can close the window without giving any rating . So in case they close the window nothing can be done, but when they again start chatting, they will get the agent rate option. May be that time they will give rates.

  • Jone

    This is really very good for both of the department, authority and agent. The authority and agent both can be helpful of it. Can be easier to make a perfect agent.

  • João

    Live chat is better medium than regular voice communication in terms of decesion making. Because most of the time we need customers opinion. In this circumstances, we can use live chat solutions because its a real time communication in written form and its has capacity to gather customers view on our services or product. Thank you reve chat

    • Hello Joao. Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

      Yes, with REVE Chat, we can get instant customer feedback for further improvement and its also faster than other support channels like phone or email. Keep visiting our blog section for the upcoming articles.

  • Hello Jone. Yes, ‘Agent Rating’ is really helpful for both admin and agent. It helps the admin to understand how the agents are performing and who need more training. Agent also will understand whether that customer is satisfied with his services or not. It will help him to work on his support skills.

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