5 Ways: To Increase The Efficiency of Your Customer Support Team

Wait a moment and think of your most favorite shop, restaurant or any other business. Ask yourself – why you keep going back to that shop? How does the salesperson greet you? How much are you satisfied with their products?


A company can earn your loyalty and long-time support if it exceeds your expectations. It makes you feel respectable, makes you feel that you are the most important part of the business. It goes extra miles to win your heart and in return you keep on going back for further business.


In recent times, most of the companies have started opting for online channels in order to engage with more and more customers.


So apart from offering good products and services, providing excellent online customer service is also very important to satisfy your customers. If you have dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur, no matter how big your company is, online customer service has to be the heart of your business model.


In order to reach the highest customer satisfaction level, you have to make your support team the ‘pride of your company’. So training is a must for improving the communication skills and product knowledge of your support team. In addition to that, start using online live chat technology today to boost support efficiency and online sales.


So what’s live chat? Basically, it’s a real-time customer support software for providing online assistance. Usually support service got delayed in case of email which may slow down the whole customer handling cycle. On the other hand, in case of support over the phone, your agent can handle one customer at one time. But with online live chat, they can assist multiple customers at one time, which facilitates higher customer satisfaction and more sales conversions.


So, let’s see the 5 best ways to use this customer support software for increasing the efficiency of your support team:

1. Resolve multiple cases in one time

Good news! With live chat, now your agents can handle multiple chat requests at one time. Unlike emails or phone support where one agent can serve one customer at any given time, with live chat he will become a multitasker.



The fact is consistently demonstrated that live chat can save both telephone expenses and agent’s task time. As with live chat your agent can chat with more than one customer at any given time, it cuts down the customers’ waiting time to a fraction of its former size when compared to other call centers.

As per Forrester Report 2013, ‘56% of shoppers prefer Live Chat over other communication methods.’

2. Chat from anywhere

Now all of your agents can provide support service from anywhere. As the live chat for website can be optimized across most of the devices like desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, now your support agents are able to provide assistance even when they are outside. So it enables you to offer 24/7 customer service.

Apart from that, it offers instant help to those customers who are surfing your website from their mobile phones or tabs irrespective of what device or OS they have.

As per the survey conducted by eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark, with 73% usage, ‘live chat currently has the highest satisfaction levels followed by email and phone with 61% and 44% respectively.’

3. Engage proactively

To win the heart of your customers, walk some extra miles and offer assistance to them much before they think about it. There are times when your customers face problems and wish to talk to a live person on your website for assistance, but the thought of getting real-time assistance through live chat does not come in their mind.


So with live chat’s ‘proactive knocking’ feature, your agents can offer them online assistance proactively and can stop them from abandoning your website.


Timely intervention sometimes creates a difference between completing an online transaction and losing a prospect client. The ‘proactive knocking’ feature enables your support agents to reach to your new website visitors who may become your customers. With this special feature, you may send chat invitations to your website visitors anywhere on your website.


The chat invitation can be an image or a small live chat window with a short message saying, for example, “How may I help you today?” It is really a very powerful tool for satisfying customers especially when they need any kind of help.

4. Track your visitor’s footprints

Now monitor in real-time how your agents are interacting with the website visitors, analyze the web path of your visitors and determine, which are the specific web pages with low and high engagement rates.


The unique ‘visitor tracking’ feature helps you to analyze the customer behavior so that you can communicate in a more personalized and targeted way. By the comprehensive reporting facility, you will be getting a deeper insight of the website visitor’s behaviour. This highly advanced feature enables you to monitor the key metrics and optimize the whole process for both your support agents and website visitors.


The ‘visitor tracking’ feature includes detailed analytics that measure overall aspects like the total amount of time spent by your website visitors on each chat and within your website, geographic location, country and IP address of website visitors, their past website visits and many more. It also helps you to make reports on a periodic basis.

5. Measure, coach and monitor

Things can’t be improved if you don’t measure.

With this live chat for website, you not only monitor the detailed chat conversation between your website visitors and agents but also you can measure its effectiveness. It will help you to understand the efficiency of your agents and the impact of your support service on the website visitors.


So as you can measure your service, if required you can arrange training sessions to improve your support agents’ efficiency and productivity.


In case of online customer support, the words are all that your support agents have, to convey the right message to the clients. Any phrase that would work ok in telephonic or email support, may not be suitable in live chat.


So to become an excellent support agent, each one of them should build up good communication skills, vocabulary without dubiety and provide a pleasant experience for the website visitors. Though customer service is not an easy job, but don’t take it as a burden. After all, it’s a very good sales opportunity, so don’t let it go away from your hand.


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