23 July 2021

Chatbot Improvement 1.1.0

Fixes and Tweaks:

  • Add button inconsistency option has been made more consistent (previously “add button” icon persisted even after adding max no of buttons).
  • Bot Trigger methodology for bot testing mode has been changed (previously bot was not triggering in testing mode if bot was made disabled).
  • Carousel Image aspect ratio has been optimized (now image is shown as previewed inside bot builder)
  • Carousel view related issue has been resolved.
  • Theme (color and others) has been made more consistent (for appointment, carousel, button and all other segments) for better user experience at business and customers end.
  • Appointment button inside bot has been renamed to make it more relevant.
  • Appointment booking related Issues (users could select the date even if no slots are available/ current date UI looks inactive although slots are available) issues have been fixed.
  • The appointment field information (name, email) auto filling feature has been incorporated, so those will be prefilled as per information given by users.
  • Appointment location feature has been optimized