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Co-browsing Software for Websites & Apps

Interact with your customers in real time on web or mobile apps with REVE Chat’s co-browsing solution

Switch pagesSwitch pages

Navigate your customers seamlessly through your web pages by swapping or shifting pages on their behalf.


Guide your customers in the right way by using the highlighting and drawing tools.

Video & voice callsVideo & voice calls

Enhance customer engagement with video chat by instant assistance with personalized sessions.

Live chatLive chat

Connect with your customers for better live chat experience for meaningful conversations.

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Combine co-browsing and video chat for personalized engagement

REVE Chat provides complete suite of co-browsing, video and live chat tools to deliver an in-person experience on web and mobile apps.

Co-browsing with live chatCo-browsing with live chat

Interact with your customers with live chat and co-browsing and provide a better in-person experience. It reduces the total resolution time and provide complete engagement to custom.
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Video chatVideo chat

Guide customers in their journey with by seeing the website screen and in real-time by face to face video chat. Personalize your chat sessions and provide effective customer service.
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No installationsNo installations

Co-browsing solution with WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications) technology, requires no installations or plugins. Communicate instantly with the website visitors by co-browsing with live chat and video chat simultaneously.
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Mobile SDKMobile SDK

It makes co-browsing a simple process with no extra installs or hassle. Provide messaging support to your in-app visitors and customers with iOS and Android Mobile SDKs.
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Developer APIDeveloper API

Add chat or messaging insdie your apps to provide live chat support or integate your busienss apps with REVE Chat using REST API and SDKs.
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No installationsHighly secured

Assures utmost security to the conversations, video chats and the shared data, documents, other crucial details during the live chat and co-browsing
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Amaze your website visitors an in-person experience with co-browsing solution

Easily identify your customer issues and personally guide them in right direction using co-browsing

Assist customer in real time

Assist your customers in real time

Give real time assistance and remote support to your website visitors and customers in interactive way. Co-browsing can easily added with video and voice chat to handle customers queries instantly and effectively.

Faster resolution, higher engagement

By combining video chat with co-browsing, you can manage your customer’s browser and proactively guide them to the right direction. Visual engagement helps to accelerate business growth and sales conversions with personalized interactions.

Enhance your team productivity

With better tools you can improve the KPIs. With the KPIs like first call resolution, average calls per hour, sales success, customer satisfaction surveys etc. you can identify how much productive your team is? And who may need more training in specific areas.

Protect sensitive information of your customers

All the documents, video chats, conversation history, sensitive information (like card details, login credentials) shared during the co-browsing sessions are highly secured.

Assist customer in real time

Integrate live chat and video to co-browsing for perfect customer engagement

live chat and video to co-browsing

Deliver effective real time customer support with co-browsing software

REVE Chat’s co-browsing solution helps to provide web and in-app messaging support along with video and live chat.

Built with WebRTCBuilt with WebRTC

REVE Chat combines the power of WebRTC technology, that requires no downloads. It allows peer-to-peer video & live chat, and delivers a seamless experience to customers who look for instant in-context.
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Customer journeyCustomer journey

Co-browsing helps to track the journey of your customer with the help of best customer engagement tools. Deliver the real-time assistance across various channels to improve first contact.
Learn More about Video Chat

Omni channel conversationsOmni channel conversations

REVE Chat offers an integrated platform for a real omni channel experience across various channels such as messaging apps, social media, mobile, web chat etc. Interact with your customers by using the effective.
Learn More about Screen Sharing

Intelligent routingIntelligent routing

Route your customer chat requests automatically to the right support agents and instantly engage them. If the agents are busy, the chat requests are queued, and the customers are attended once the wait time.
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Customize your live chat widget with preferable color, theme, text etc. to match your website branding. It helps customers to connect and interact with your website.
Learn More about Intelligent Routing

Advanced reportingAdvanced reporting

Advanced reporting helps to understan how your team or agents have been performing with metrcis such as first respose time, average resolution time or also undertand
Learn More about Department

Real time collaboration with customers made easy with co-browsing software

REVE Chat’s co-browsing software helps customers to complete their transactions or form fill-ups and increase their conversions

Real time collaboration with customers

Convert your website visitors into leads

Deliver real-time assistance to their website visitors with visually engagement tools like live chat, video chat, and co browsing platform. Agents can answer the queries instantly, make video calls and assist the potential customers with co-browsing to help them make faster decisions.

Provide remote technical support from anywhere

Guide your customers to take necessary action with the drawing and highlighting tools. With co-browsing, support teams can help customers with remote support from anywhere without downloading any plugins.

In-app engagement for your mobile app users

Engaging with your mobile app users can be done seamlessly with REVE Chat’s mobile SDKs for iOS & Android. Mobile apps can now add co-browsing solution for in-app messaging to engage and assist app users in real time.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

Deliver personalized sessions to your customers while using your app with co-browsing and screen sharing. Whether it's onboarding or product demo, REVE Chat’s co-browsing tool makes the customer communication seamles.

Onboard your customers with personalized walkthroughs

Co-browse with your customers for real time help in one click

Give your customers and website visitors a personalized assistance remotely with co-browsing and video chat.

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