10 August 2022

REVE Chat Cloud V2.2

REVE Chat Cloud V2.2: Making user experience better!

1. Brand New Sign Up and Onboarding Experience

  • Brand New Design: Elements have been made visually more attractive, more relevant, clean and easily understandable. Besides transitions and animations have been added to take the overall UI experience to next level.
  • Social Login Option: User can now sign up using their Google or Microsoft Account.
  • Language Option: Having difficulties with English language? Choose your language from the preference page during the signup and full onboarding process.
  • Introduction to Chatbot: As a new user, now you can get a basic introduction of the Chatbot with some options to test it at basic level from in the onboarding journey.
  • Website Integration Experience: Full integration experience has been revamped. Users can now integrate Reve Chat with their website & social channels directly during signup process without even going to any tutorial pages of Website/YouTube.

2. Chatbot Improvements

  • Emojis: Now users can add Emojis in all of the chat bot interaction during chat bot building.
  • Bot Analytics: One filter has been added in the bot history report to view and download bot wise reports separately.
  • Chatbot Builder Experience: Chatbot builders drag and drop experience has been enhanced.

3. Chat Window Design Enhancement

  • Dynamic Chat Window Size: Pre chat forms window size has been made dynamic. Based on the contents’ length, window size will change automatically.

4. Some known Bugs have been fixed.