WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API Integration with the REVE Chat Omnichannel Platform.#

How to Setup WhatsApp Cloud API#

To setup the WhatsApp Cloud API, you need to follow the steps mentioned beneath and complete the configuration on your Facebook Developer Account.

Configure the Facebook Developer Account#

  1. Sign up or login into the Facebook for Developers account and click on Create App.


  2. Choose "Business" for the app type.

  3. Select your Business Manager account from the dropdown if you already have a Meta business account. If you don’t have business account, no worries you can proceed further by clicking on Create App and create business account in later steps.

  4. When the page appears, you need to scroll down and select WhatsApp from the list; click on setup. If you’re in other pages, you can click on Add Product from left navigation and follow the same process to go next.

  5. If you’ve chosen your Business Manager account previously (in step 3) this will be selected automatically and you can go next by clicking on Continue button.

    If you haven’t chosen your Business Manager account (in step 3) and you already have Meta Business Account, you can select your account from the dropdown and click on Continue.

    However, you may leave your Business Account unselected here and Meta will automatically generate a business account for you in later steps.

   6. You will be onboarded on the Quickstart page under WhatsApp. Now, click on the Start Using the API button to proceed.

   7. You can check your integration status by sending message message to the number mentioned in ‘From’ as test number, add your number          in 'TO' and click on send message. It will send you a test message in your number. [Not Mandatory]

  The below steps are to demonstrate how to add your phone number to your WhatsApp Cloud API account.


 Add Your Phone Number#

  1. To add a phone number to your Meta developer app, go to WhatsApp > Getting started > click on Add Phone Number.

    2. Input the information of your WhatsApp business profile, then click Next.

3. Add your phone number in the input field. If your number already have a WhatsApp account, that number cannot be linked to the Meta app. Learn how to use a number that's already on WhatsApp. 

If you’re using a landline or IVR number, you can add that number as well. However, choose phone call verification in this case.

4. The given number will get a 6-digit verification code followed by the verification method you’ve chosen. Enter the number and click on Next.

  5.  Once you’ve verified your number, that number will be visible in the ‘Form' field under ‘Send and receive messages’. You can test message by adding a number in 'To’ field and send message; you will get a sample message from the business number. [Not Mandatory]

Now, your WhatsApp Cloud API account and your phone number are linked. Once WhatsApp Cloud API is configured on your Facebook Developer Account, you must link it to a messaging service like REVE Chat in order to begin sending and receiving messages.

Connect WhatsApp Cloud API toREVE Chat#

​1. After login to your REVE Chat account, go to the Integration > click on Social Media

2. Click on WhatsApp > select the Cloud API tab.

3. Now click on the Connect Facebook button.

4. Choose your Facebook account and continue.

5. Choose your WhatsApp Business Account and click Next.

6. Then, choose your Business account and click Next

7. Make sure to enable all access and click on Done.

8. Now click OK.

9. Your Facebook account is connected with REVE Chat cloud API, and you will get a Callback URL and Verify Token. Copy the Callback URL & Verify Token, these need to be added to the configuration page for your Meta Business app mentioned in step 10. Before selecting Done, you need to finish the setup on your WhatsApp Cloud API configuration page.


10. Go to your Meta application > WhatsApp > Configuration > click on Edit in the Callback URL field under Webhook. This will show you the popup below.
Paste the Callback URL & Verify Token you’ve copied from your REVE Chat account and click on ‘Verify and Save’.

11. Click on Manage in Webhook field.

12. You will get a popup, Subscribe to the Message Webhook event from here.

13. Now, go to Settings > Basic > add your Privacy URL and click on Save changes button in the bottom.

14. It’s time to make your Meta app Live! Click on the toggle button on the top bar to Live the app.

15. Go back to REVE Chat and click Done.

Bravo, you’ve successfully connected your WhatsApp Cloud API to REVE Chat!


  1. In case you do not have any kind of WhatsApp Business Account, then this pop-up window will arise, and you can create a WhatsApp Business Account by tapping Create an Account.

    2. If you do not have any kind of Business, then this pop-up window will be shown, and you can create a Business by clicking Create a Business.

More Info#

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