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Install REVE Chat Manually

If the administrator decides to install the chat script manually in the website pages, s/he can do that by following below procedure.

  • Go to the Integration menu on the dashboard
  • Copy the snippet code and paste on the website (the pages where you would like to install the chat widget)

Once done, check on the website with a reload. REVE Chat widget should be visible.

Install via Google tag Manager#

If the partner has Google Tag Manager installed in the website, they can easily install the REVE Chat widget to that website with just few simples clicks. First go to the integration section and then under website integration you will get the google tag manager as follows:

Click “Install via Google Tag Manager” and click “sign in to Google”. Upon clicking below open authorization window will open.

Upon clicking continue, user will be shown with all the available GTM accounts with GTM container website detail and connection status. Just switch on the right GTM account and this will automatically install the chat widget to your website.

Install through WordPress Plugin#

For WordPress live chat integration, the administrator follows the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Download the REVE Chat plugin from WordPress Market Place.
  2. Log in to the WordPress admin panel with your registered Username and Password.
  3. Next, select ‘Plugins’ and then click on ‘Add new’ from the left side panel. On the right side, click on ‘Upload Plugin’ option to upload the file.
  4. Next, click on the ‘Choose File’ option and select the WordPress plugin file which you have downloaded from your REVE Chat dashboard. Once the file gets uploaded, click on ‘Install Now’.
  5. Once the installation process is over, activate the REVE Chat Plugin by clicking on the ‘Activate Plugin’ button.
  6. Now REVE Chat plugin is available in the ‘Installed Plugins’ list. To change the REVE Chat plugin settings, click on ‘Settings’.
  7. Administrator needs to login to REVE Chat account by choosing “Yes, I already have a REVE Chat account” and provide Sign Up email address, or create a new account.


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