Set up your Ticketing Email

This article explains how to set up and start using REVE Chat ticketing system.

You can integrate REVE Chat across all business channels and platforms with just a few clicks to bring all customer communication under one single place. REVE Chat ticketing system comes in handy when your customer problems need more time to resolve than in live chat solution.

How to start using REVE Chat Tickets?

You have to complete few simple steps to set up your ticketing email. If you haven't create any email for your tickets, then you will get notified in the system. Click on the 'Integrate Now' button.

  1. Now follow the steps mentioned here to integrate ticketing email.
  2. Once you finished setting up your email for ticketing, you can use this email to forward customer problems from your email by forwarding email in the REVE Chat Ticketing email. Read how to automatically send emails from your email clients to REVE Chat Tickets.

Any questions? Please email us at

Any questions? Please email us at