Live Chat

Manage customer conversations across all channels under single platform.
Status of Chat
In the left menu, there are four (4) tabs that indicates the status of chat.
  • Online: Visitors who are online in the website where the REVE chat widget is being installed, will be visible here.
  • Queued: When a website visitor (of visitor from different channels) interacts (send messages) through the REVE chat widget, first it goes to the queued list and stays there until an agent picks the chat from there by clicking on that specific chat.
  • Engaged: Once an agent picks a chat from the queued list and starts conversation, this chat goes to Engaged List.
  • Agents: This tab will show all of the agents’ information (name and online/offline status) who are added in the REVE chat platform for serving visitors/customers.

Visitor’s Information

Visitor’s information collected before the chat start will be visible here. That includes but not limited to- Visitor’s name, location, device & IP, Email, phone, notes, previous chat history, web page visit history, duration of chat with the user, list of website pages visiting.

Chatting with Users

User and agents chatting will be visible in the middle part of the screen. Here, agents can communicate with voice message, audio call, video call, write text messages, emoji etc.

Once the chat is complete, agent or customer can close the chat and the chat will close. After closing the chat, chat transcript can be sent to the user. If an agent picks up a chat and wants to transfer chat to another agent, that is possible as well.

Any questions? Please email us at

Any questions? Please email us at