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This article explains how tickets can can be created from REVE Chat ticketing system.

How a ticket is created in REVE Chat Ticketing?

Create a ticket manually

From any of the ticketing page, your agents and admins can create ticket simply by clicking on the 'Create Ticket' button.

To create a ticket you need to fill up the below necessary fields:

Ticket Subject

To create a ticket you must add subject to the ticket.

It will be the subject of the ticket and it cannot be changed once created.


To create tickets you you need to add the details of the ticket in description field. You can write the details, add some attachment, add links, and emoji to send to your customer.

You can not add attachments more than 10 MB.


Assignee is the person / agent who is responsible for a ticket. You need to assign one agent to maintain a ticket. However, one agent can be added in multiple tickets work parallelly.

You can only add assignee from one of the agents of REVE Chat, not an external members.

Ticket Tags

To work more efficiently on the tickets, you can Add Tags to your tickets. You will get previously created active tags in the suggestion, or create tags on the fly.

If a previously created tag is disabled by an admin, agents can not create the same tag they need to ask admin to enable that tag.

Recipient Phone Number

This is an optional field, if you want your visitors' profile to be updated and get back to them any time.

Ticket from Chat History

If a customer comes to you in live chat and mentions some problems, but the problem can't be solved immediately. Then you can create a ticket with that customer's chat history and get the full chat transcript in the ticketing details.
To create a ticket from chat history, go to Reports > Chat History > Select the chat that needs to be solved in ticket. Click on the 'Create Ticket' button in the chat details page to proceed.
Ticket Creation from Chat History Page
As you're using our live chat solution and collected your customer's name, email, and phone number from Pre-chat Form, or updated these data during the live chat conversation; these customer data will be automatically synced when ticket created from Chat History. Also, the conversation is added as description in the ticket.
Chat History added in description when ticket created from Chat History
Now, add the Ticket Subject, add assignee, and other fields as required, and create the ticket.
Email from Customer
You can turn your customer emails as ticket in REVE Chat ticketing system. Read how to automatically send emails from your email clients to REVE Chat Tickets.
Any questions? Please email us at

Any questions? Please email us at