REVE Chat’s co-browsing solution helps you to collaborate with your customers in real-time on websites and mobile apps for the best experience. Co-browse with your visitors and customers for your sale.

Here is a video tutorial that explains what exactly co-browsing is and how it works.

Steps to use Co-browsing

Step 1: In order to enable a co-browsing solution, you have to log in to your dashboard, visit Customization -> Widget Features.

Step 2: Enable the Co-browsing option -> Save the changes by clicking the Save option at the bottom of the page.

How co-browsing works?

When your agent initiates co-browsing for assistance and the visitor accepts it, the icon appears on the top right side of the chat window.

Co-browsing option in the chat window

The co-browsing solution offers key tools and features such as:

  • Highlighter – Guide your customers in the right way by using the highlighting and drawing tools.
  • Point and Scroll – Allows you to scroll the page up and down and show your cursor to the customers.
  • Data masking – Control the information you want to share with the agents and hide sensitive data like personal details.
  • Switch pages – Navigate your customers seamlessly through your web pages by taking control of swapping or shifting pages on their behalf.

When the co-browsing session is started, the chat window from the agent’s side will be appearing as below:

Co-browsing started from agent side

And the screen for the visitor will be appearing as below:

Thus co-browsing session successfully happens between the agent and the visitor.

Any questions? Please email us at

Any questions? Please email us at