Chat Routing

Chat routing is one of the best features of live chat with customers. Here, the administrative user needs to think and define which rules s/he wants to follow to route a chat.
Chat Routing Policies
  • Time Based Routing: Using round robin policy most idle agent with free slot will be assigned for next chat request from visitor. It will continue till agents have free slot to accept new chat request.
  • Broadcasting: Each new chat request will be routed to all available agents. The chat request can be queued as like queued visitor. When any agent accepts the chat request, the request will be removed from queued list.

URL Based Routing

URL based routing is more specific use of routing a chat to specific person. To use this feature, administrative user needs to follow the below procedures:

  • Give a rule name, such as- transfer chat to an agent_name
  • Type of rule, Contains means the URL includes the text anywhere, Exact match means the exact URL.
  • URL Action defines the action of the URL, Route chat transfers chat to specific department, and Turn off chat turns off chat for that specific URL.

Any questions? Please email us at


Any questions? Please email us at