Bot Profile

Admin can set bot name, designation, upload avatar, enable the channels and set the trigger here.

Bot Channels

Chose the channels like Website, FB messenger, WhatsApp, Viber where the bot will be turned on.

Bot Accuracy Level

Increasing the accuracy will impact the bot prediction level directly. So, keeping the accuracy level to around 50% will give a very structured, defined and trained bot setup.

Support preference (Bot / Human)

Select the condition for bot to handle queries over human agents. Agent can select bot will handle which type of initial queries, agent can once choose one option.

  • Bot will only respond if the chat initiated by Bot Auto Trigger and rest of the conversations will be taken care of by Human agent.
  • Bot will respond all the conversations when agent are online and offline.
  • Bot will respond only when agents are offline and triggering will follow from Setting>Auto trigger and Human Agents will respond.

Bot Trigger

Set the condition based on which bot will trigger the welcome massage proactively to website visitors. Admin can select only one option from here.

  • Trigger the BOT for All users / new users only.
  • Trigger bot on clicking the chat banner.
  • Trigger BOT based on URL.
  • Trigger BOT based on browsing duration with defined time.

Any questions? Please email us at

Any questions? Please email us at