Bot Builder

An administrative user can build and/configure a chat bot from scratch or create a bot from existing templates with this module. The bot component here will help the user to create a Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning bot with zero coding. These components are divided into three sections as mentioned below.


This section shows the chat flow of the current bot that represents-

  • Create new nodes
  • Different nodes’ summary
  • Action button’s directed node
  • Error warning of the node to correct the direction or issues


Represent each of the nodes’ details that includes different action areas and detail action that the node will direct to a user. Each node carries out some defined action based on the need for the business.



This component helps you to design various text component of the bot.


You can use this component when you want to use any static or animated image. You can also link it with online image gallery to loop image.


This is a special component which is a combination of Image gallery, text and Call to action button. Many businesses have various products where they want to show image offer links for details & need order button. All this can be managed easily through this single component. Also, it allows multiple components to be added in single component which is showed against scroll.


This helps you to provide Call to action button or buttons. Here, the Text Message cannot be empty, and Action go to (defined another node) or URL (web URL) must be set.


This helps you to design bot questions, answer validation, and question repetition in case of validation failure and failure message.

Quick Reply

This component is used when you want to design Multiple Choice Question. Here, the Quick reply cannot be empty, and Action go to (defined another node) must be set.

Go To

This component is used to design looping logic to drive a component to another specified node.
This feature is used to provide audio clips to customers.
This feature is used to provide video clips to customers.
Chat Transfer
This component is used to Provide Chat Transfer Option.
This component is used to connect with various internal and external systems through APIs. For an example you are creating a Chatbot which requires OTP validation at some points. You can directly put the SMS API information like method, endpoints, parameters etc in the flow where you need it and it will interact accordingly with that system. Using this feature you can easily plug and play any API wherever required.
This function can be used to call an API configured inside the bot wherever needed. So that by defining one API only once, it can be reused throughout the bot.
Admin can send email to visitor based on their requested data or just as a confirmation.
Preview Bot
Through test bed you can check your bot immediately. It helps enormously for bot building and modification.
Any questions? Please email us at [email protected]


Any questions? Please email us at [email protected]