What are the triggers to use for chatbots?

Triggers are Triggering customers with the right messages at the right time helps to engage them proactively and chances of more sales.

chatbot triggers

There are five trigger events available in a chatbot module. They are:

  1. Trigger the BOT only for all visitors: When you select this event, BOT will fire triggers to all your website visitors and customers without any specific conditions like a new visitors, repeat visitors, browsing duration of the visitor etc.   

    chatbot messages as triggers

  2.   Trigger the BOT only for new visitor: On selecting this trigger event, BOT will fire triggers only to the new visitors to your website by sending customized greeting messages like: “How may I help you?”

  3. Trigger the BOT only for returning visitor: When you choose this trigger event, BOT will fire trigger to same or repeat customer by saying “Good to see you! How may I help you today?”

  4. Trigger the BOT when URL of the page the visitor is currently on: When the visitor moves on to a specific page in your website then trigger will be fired if you choose this one. For e.g. Features or Product page

  5. Trigger the BOT based on browsing duration of visitor: When the visitor stays in your website for a specific time then trigger will be fired on choosing this trigger event. Suppose your visitor stays more than 3 seconds on the pricing page, bot will trigger “ Get 10% discount off on today’s sign up”

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