What are the actions available in chatbot?

Actions are defined as interactions that chatbots can make with visitors. With actions, you can add different elements as described below to drive your conversations forward in a pre-defined manner.

There are 8 main actions available in chatbot. They are:

  1. Text message: The text message action helps you to initiate a conversation with your website visitors and customers with customized text messages or welcome greetings such as: Good morning! How may I help you today?

    chatbot messages

  2.   Image: The image action allows you to insert an image link for visual engagement of your website visitors & customers to guide them in their buying journey and improve chances of sales conversions.

    You can use an image and link of the best deals and discounts for the day or simple image of product overview.

    use image and link in your chatbot tools

  3. Question: With the help of question action, you can set questions to collect your visitor’s information and data for qualifying leads and lead generation. You can ask – Please share your email id and phone number.

    pre-defined question asked by your bot

  4. Quick Reply: The quick reply action presents multiple options to your visitors to choose and move across bot conversations. Based on the answer they choose you can redirect the conversation for resolution.

    chatbots are very helpful in setting up quick reply


  5. Carousel: The carousel action allows you to showcase your latest products in carousel ads format to the website visitors and customers for hassle free navigation. For the eCommerce and retail businesses, you can showcase your new spring collection items with the help of this action.

    showcase your products in carousel with bots

  6. Button: With the button action, you can provide comprehensive details about your products and services to your visitors to help them in making quick decisions.  

    button action of chatbot

  7. GO TO: The Go To action helps you to escalate your chat conversations in the right direction by connecting with next step of bot flow as defined.

    chatbot's go to action feature

  8. Chat transfer: When the conversions become complex, bots escalate it to the human agents with the help of chat transfer action. You connect your website visitors and customers with the live chat support agents.

    Suppose the visitor starts enquiring about the fabric quality and bot might not able to provide the right answer. In such scenarios chat transfer action helps to handle the queries in a better way.

    bots escalate it to the human agents with the help of chat transfer action

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