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Discover why live chat is a must for your business

Live chat software helps to boost your online business by providing instant assistance on your website,
making customers happy and loyal towards your brand.

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Live chat, Voice/video chat helps to offer instant assistance

Let your visitors initiate free voice and video chat with your support team whenever they need instant assistance. Apart from live chat, REVE Chat offers free browser based voice and video calling within your business website itself.

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Offer instant customer support inside your mobile app

With mobile SDK, now REVE Chat can be integrated with your Android mobile application for offering customer support even inside your app itself.


Provide excellent social media customer support

Now provide instant support to your social media customers. ‘Facebook Messaging’ enables customers to live chat with you from both Facebook messenger and your business page on Facebook.

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Route chat requests to specific departments for faster resolution

With ‘Department Management’, REVE Chat lets a customer to choose his preferred department he wishes to chat with and routes the chat request accordingly. Through live chat, talking to the right group of specialists on your business website helps to resolve the issue much faster.

Route chat requests

Monitor your website visitors in real-time and personalise your services

‘Visitor Analytics’ provides detailed information about your website visitors like their geographic locations, past visits, current page views etc. based on which you can personalise your greetings and proactively engage with them for offering instant assistance.

Visitor analytics

Get instant customer feedback to improve your products and services

This is one of the greatest benefits of live chat software. Through ‘Post Chat Survey’ form, REVE Chat allows customers to rate the support service during and after each live chat sessions. You can use these customer ratings to understand how your agents are performing and you can improve your services.

Visitor analytics

Integrate REVE Chat with your website in a few minutes

Benefits of live chat software on your website

Increased sales conversion

Offer instant support to your website visitors and boost sales conversions.

Reduction in service cost

Provide real-time customer service to multiple visitors at a time and reduce the need of additional resources.

Make some loyal customers

Walk some extra miles and turn your customers into the loyal ones. Provide excellent customer support and build meaningful relationships with them to give your brand a voice.

Engage proactively

Customers are on your website. Proactively engage with them for offering instant help before they leave.

Start engaging your visitors with
REVE Chat in a few minutes.

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