Banking Chatbot Can
Boost Sales, Reduce Costs, and Enhance Customer Service

Don’t limit your customer’s to access your service. Use chatbot for banking and provide 24/7 customer support, cut cost, and improve customer service.

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Why Banking Chatbot?

In today’s banking services, the customer service suffers from long waiting lines, long response times, and viewing only online content. In this situation, the customer service is being devalued, and businesses and individuals are seeking new ways to interact with customers in more effective way.

It is high time use a chatbot in banking to provide excellent service and products personalization.

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44% of repetitive finance tasks will be automated with AI-driven chatbots in the next 3 years

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Potential Use Cases of Banking Chatbot

  • To greet customers;
  • To generate leads;
  • To increase customer service and retention;
  • To obtain information regarding their problem;
  • To provide the requested information to clients;
  • To accept a payment from a user;
  • and many other simple tasks.

Makes Customers Feel Valued, and Helps Them More Effectively

REVE banking chatbot is designed to answer an array of frequently asked questions, manage tasks and orders, schedule notifications and reminders, generate reports, and much more.

Banking chatbots are reducing waiting time and offering faster and personalized financial customer service, which saves customer time and make them happy.

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Why REVE’s Banking Chatbot?

We want to help customers and employees with every day tasks within banking. Banking language is complex and our chatbot is able to handle all possible situations.

It allows the customer to check accounts or apply for cards or insurance, to access their information without having to visit their branch.

Plus, it can run customized lead-generation campaigns, provide 24/7 customer service, and collect customer feedback.

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Use Our AI-powered Banking Chatbot for Digital Banking

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