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Why Website Chatbot?

Your website can become even more valuable and more powerful when there is a chatbot. An advanced bot empowers businesses with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. With a website chatbot, you can serve visitors with quick answers and personalized responses. You stay available all the time and generate leads with quality and constant support.

By using a chatbot for website, your business can handle all the communication easily, guide customers through the various stages of the journey and provide support without requiring human involvement.

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A report says that a good chatbot is capable enough to successfully handle up to 80% of standard queries without any human support.

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Features of an Advanced Website Chatbot

  • Contextual responses with the help of natural language processing (NLP)
  • Built-in intelligence to do human handover in case of complex conversations
  • Interactive UI/UX to make conversations feel interactive for customers
  • FAQs-trained to handle questions and interactions in a hassle-free smoothly

Support Automation and Conversational Marketing with Website Chatbot

At REVE Chat, we rightly understand how most businesses feel strained in scaling support and marketing due to lack of manpower.

Website Chatbot from REVE makes it easy to automate the support and engage customers with conversational marketing.

Our chatbot can help you do real-time customer interactions and move buyers through the sales funnel.

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Why REVE’s Website Chatbot?

Our website chatbot that has all the advanced features for delivering and supporting conversational experiences.

You can expect the bot to combine the right kind of technology, flow, and design to enable hassle-free customer-to-business interactions.

What’s more, REVE’s AI-powered chatbot can help you automate the sales process and engage, and qualify the website visitors effortlessly.

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Make Your Customer’s Journey Smooth and Enhance their Experiences with Website Chatbot

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