Improve Your Business Growth at Every Stage With a Chatbot

Its not a big d eal that you are a corporation or a small business, chatbot takes you business to the next level by communicating better with the customer.

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Why a Business Chatbot?

If a company is not yet using any customer support chatbot, it can be even more frustrating. They spend hours waiting on hold or being redirected to different departments and finally settled with an email which usually will be answered by a standard response. This makes the owner of a business loose money.

A business chatbot will be able to handle customer requests and perform tasks. If a business wants to improve customer service then a chatbot can be a great option to increase customer satisfaction.
A chatbot platform can do the following:

  • Provide users with information about how to create, use and grow their chatbots
  • Allow users to create a community where they can collaborate together
  • Allow users to control and update their chatbots

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Chatbots help 55% of businesses generate high-quality leads

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Use Cases of Business Chatbot

  • To enable self-service.
  • To reduce phone calls and speed up response times.
  • To provide omnichannel customer support.
  • To engage website visitors.
  • To support a broader CRM strategy.
  • To improve support team workflows and routing.

Deploy a Chatbot, Increase Customer Satisfaction, Grow Business

The chatbot is a virtual customer assistant that is available 24/7. This cuts down on costs associated with hiring more staff and reduces the likelihood of human error.

Using a business chatbot you can answer customer questions, schedule appointments, get loyalty program memberships, accept online payments, and more.

Research has shown that consumers who interact with businesses chatbots are more likely to convert.

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Why REVE’s Business Chatbot?

REVE business chatbot is an AI-based bot that provides 24/7 support for businesses with a possibility to integrate with several messaging platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Website, Apps and others.

It is a new generation of chatting software that has been developed to ensure that businesses have a smooth communication channel with their customers and clients, so that they can respond in real-time in order to satisfy their needs and build up positive customer relationships.

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Reduce Customer Support Cost Up to 40%.

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