Make Facebook Conversations Valuable and Generate Leads with Messenger Chatbot

Engage Facebook customers more effectively, turn interactions into prospects and grow your business with REVE’s AI-powered Messenger Chatbot

Why Messenger Chatbot?

It takes a smart chatbot to serve, delight, and convert Facebook followers, fans, and users. With the Messenger Chatbot, you can handle more conversations simultaneously and deliver prompt responses. You could engage FB users in non-stop conversations, assign comments and messages to the right team members and easily track conversations under one platform.

Plus, the bot will help you stay in touch with your Facebook users round the clock, solve their problems instantly and make customer service truly conversational and enjoyable.

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55% of people who use chatbot expect instant responses and quick answers to simple questions.
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Use Cases of Messenger Chatbot

  • Improved customer engagement with quick replies
  • Streamlined conversations with easy tracking of chats across FB
  • Advanced reporting to measure key customer KPIs
  • Personalized responses to convert chats into leads

Deliver Personalized Experiences to Facebook Users with Messenger Chatbot

At REVE Chat, we understand how much customers yearn for personalization and love brands that meet their expectations.

Our smart Messenger Chatbot can help you win over customers by crafting and delivering personalized responses.

With REVE’s Messenger Chatbot, you can even display a personalized welcome message in the Messenger chat window delight your visitors.

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Why REVE’s Messenger Chatbot For Your Business?

Our super advanced Messenger chatbot can help you stay in touch with your Facebook users round the clock and solve their problems with instant responses.

You can use the bot to automate responses and make customer service truly conversational and enjoyable. Plus, the bot is an excellent tool to get the most out of all your Facebook conversations with potential as well as existing customers.

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Serve Your Facebook Customers Well with Our Advanced Messenger Chatbot

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