Pipedrive CRM Integration with Live Chat

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and sales pipeline management tool for SMBs as well as enterprise sales teams. Piprsrive helps to manage sales processes efficiently by allowing representatives to focus on taking actions to close deals and reducing long sales cycles. It enables businesses to plan sales activities better and track deals. 

Pipedrive is the most preferred CRM because it’s easy to use and intuitive. The reliable sales management tool offers powerful features such as email integration, goal tracking, reporting, and forecasting. Its visual sales pipeline prompts you to take relevant actions and stay organized in the complex sales process.

REVE Chat integration with Pipedrive

REVE Chat is an AI-based omnichannel live chat platform that allows providing real time sales and support assistance across multiple channels such as website, social media, mobile apps, etc. The automated platforms help to qualify visitors into leads by promptly answering common sales queries. REVE Chat also offers a complete customer engagement toolkit with video chat & co-browsing solutions to identify issues faster and reduce the number of touchpoints.

REVE Chat’s live chat integration with Pipedrive allows users to easily convert the conversation history and offline messages as deals. It helps to organize your contacts, clients, and deals through the overview panel which gives complete control of your sales process.

With the successful Pipedrive live chat integration, it easy to manage your sales personas directly. It helps to close more deals and drive your business revenue. The reliable CRM software, allows you to map out each step of your sales process effectively.

Key benefits of REVE Chat integration with Pipedrive 

  • Automatically transfer your live chat conversations and contacts to your Pipedrive CRM. Easily send the chat transcripts and offline messages directly to your Pipedrive account.
  • Connect your prospects with the sales representative instantly. If the client is new, Pipedrive creates a new contact and assigns the chat conversation.
  • Reduce sales cycle by routing the conversations to the right experts for immediate assistance to close sales faster
  • For any customer whose name and contact does not match an existing customer, Pipedrive will relate their latest chat as a note to the current deal. Improve your sales productivity by providing faster assistance to customers and convert them to the sales funnel.

REVE Chat and Pipedrive integration process

For complete Pipedrive live chat integration, you need to follow a few simple steps mentioned below. 

The functionalities include: you have to create a new contact under Contacts in Pipedrive CRM using visitor pre-chat information. for any successful chat or offline message. Notes will be created for: 

  1. Live chat conversations
  2. Offline messages

If you do not have a REVE Chat account, you can sign up to create an account. Then you can configure Pipedrive from REVE Chat dashboard>>Integrations>>Plugins>>CRM.

Pipedrive Live Chat Integration Instructions

  1. Login into REVE chat Dashboard
  2. Go to  Integrations > Plugins

    Pipedrive live chat integration

  3. Click plugins

    pipedrive live chat integration

  4. Find Pipe Drive from the list of the available plugins
  5. Click Integrate

    Pipedrive live chat integration

  6. You should get the API token from your Pipedrive account. Once you login to Pipedrive, click on your profile and then Personal preference. You will find your API token there.

    Pipedrive live chat  integration

  7. A form will be opened to submit your PipeDrive account credentials to integrate with REVE Chat. Fill up the form with your Pipedrive API Token and check the ticket setup in which way you want to save your transcript.

    pipedrive live chat integration

  8. Click “Save” to finish the installation. You will see a successful message if integration is completed. You have now connected the REVE Chat with your Pipedrive CRM.

How to see created contact and notes in Pipedrive?

  1. Hover your cursor on Menu, you will see and click Contacts, then select your desired contact find your contact details, and the chat script under the comments section.

Pipedrive live chat integration

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