Dot Net Nuke Live Chat Module Integration

REVE Chat integration with DotNetNuke 
  1. Log into your REVE Chat dashboard
  2. Click on Integration
  3. Copy the Code. We will need it later.
  4. Log in into your DotNetNuke admin account.
  5. Click on edit icon from Navigation 
  6. Click on add module
  7. From opened modal click on HTML
  8. drag “HTML” Module to where you want to display the module
  9. Look for the new module in your page, roll over the “Manage” icon link and click Edit Content
  10. Select HTML, then paste the REVE Chat code that you have copied earlier and save it.
  11. Done. You will now find REVE Chat widget in your website. To chat with your visitors please log into your REVE Chat account and start chatting.

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