3dCart Live Chat App Integration

REVE Chat integration with 3dcart
  1. Log into your REVE Chat dashboard
  2. Click on Integration
  3. Copy the Code. We will need it later.
    3dcart live chat app integration
  4. Log into the 3dcart admin panel.
  5. From menu go to Settings > Design > Themes & Styles
  6. Click the dropdown list click Edit Template (HTML)
  7. You will be taken to template editor. To modify your frame.html, click edit button under  action column
  8. Now paste your REVE Chat code that you have copied previously just before the closing </body>
  9. Click Save button from the top right corner.
  10. Your REVE Chat will now appear in your storefront. You can now log into your REVE Chat dashboard to start chatting with your visitor.


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