Handle Customer Communication Effectively and Effortlessly With Viber Chatbot

Make support available 24×7, offer quick replies to users, and engage customers in queue-free form of interactions with Viber bot

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Why Viber Chatbot?

Viber is a top messaging apps to connect with customers, serve well and turn them into prospects. Your business however will need a chatbot if you want to make customer engagement on Viber easier. With a Viber Chatbot, you can connect with users across their preferred channel, automate customer support and add value to customers at every stage of the journey.

A Viber chatbot not only augments customer service but can also help in other aspects be it marketing, sales, or conversion.

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A report estimates that the chatbot is projected to handle close to 90% of customer queries by the next year.

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Potential Benefits of Using a Viber Chatbot

  • Improved customer engagement on the back of automation
  • Reduced response time with personalized messages
  • Time-zone neutral and round-the-clock support
  • Prompt replies to queries across Viber messaging channel

Personalized Offers and Experiences for Customers with Viber Chatbot

At REVE Chat, we are aware how most customers love personalization as it makes them feel great about engagement.

Our advanced Viber chatbot can help you adopt personalization and ensure customized experiences for users.

The chatbot can leverage the user data automatically and then use it to customize the experience for your customers.

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Why REVE’s Viber Chatbot?

Our Viber Chatbot is smart, feature-rich and AI-powered. You can use it to engage with customers and serve them all.

A chatbot from REVE makes Viber platform more beneficial and more customer-friendly for your business.

On top of that, you can rely on the Viber Chatbot to automate customer service tasks and boost conversion rate.

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Engage, Delight and Convert Your Customers With Viber Chatbot

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