Insurance Chatbot Comes With Innovation and Real Added Value

With an insurance chatbot customer can buy insurance, check the status of their policy, or learn more about a specific benefit.

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Why Insurance Chatbot?

Insurance chabot can determine what insurance products are best fit for the customer such as: renters, auto, or health.

A chatbot can help the customer in many ways such as helping consumers understand which insurance products would be best for them, determining which policies would be pertinent for each consumer based on core plan criteria, removing the time consumer would have spent determining which policies are best for them.

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71% of insurance executives believing strongly that customers will prefer interacting with an insurance chatbot over a human agent

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Potential Use Cases of Insurance Chatbot

  • To answer frequent questions
  • To generate quotes, sell services and products
  • To personalized customer service
  • To receive claims, update policyholders
  • To provide account access and support
  • To get feedback, receive complaints
  • To detect fraud

Remove the Complexity, and Make Insurance Simple

Insurance is complex, buying insurance is complex and it’s a trend that people are avoiding it. One of the main reasons is because it’s complicated purchase. If you’ve ever had to file for an insurance claim, you know what we mean. It’s incredibly tedious, time consuming and if you’re like most people, you have no idea where to start.

Our insurance chatbot brings transparency to the entire process which is especially important in insurance industry . Customers are able to clearly understand what they are buying, and be confident that they re getting the right product at a fair price.

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Why REVE’s Insurance Chatbot?

Our chatbot gives an opportunity to ask simple questions, to understand the basic needs of the customer, and after that finding an appropriate solution.

It increases conversions by engaging and interacting with every visitor, and scales customer service while keeping headcount to a minimum, thereby reducing costs.

It can gather valuable data and insights to deliver a highly personalized customer experience and it grows your user database with the contact in every interaction.

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Integrate Our AI-powered Insurance Chatbot to Remove Complexity

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