Your tough customers: secrets to keep them happy

5 types of difficult customers to handle

It is impossible to satisfy everyone. So always there will be some people who are not happy with your service at all.

Customers must be important because they are the ones who give you business. But what about those people who are very difficult to handle to that extent that you almost go mad? At the same time you also can’t afford to lose them. So let’s discuss here the different types of customers who can give you a really hard time and some smart tricks to handle them efficiently. 

1. The angry customer



Let’s take an example here. Peter is a Shopaholic. He ordered one pair of jeans online and what was delivered to him was a pair of shoes. He gets really angry and called the customer care agent to complain. He starts shouting at him and is not ready to listen at all.


I. Don’t panic and don’t match his anger with your high reactions as it will worsen the situation.

II. Listen to him patiently.

III. When his irritation and anger will subside, grab the opportunity to apologize and suggest a solution.

IV. Don’t feel hurt because of his harsh words because he is not angry with you but with the company. 

2. The impatient customer



Let me give you one example. Julie doesn’t like to wait. A couple of days ago, she purchased a shirt from an online website and it came too tight for her. So she wanted to replace it with a bigger size. She gave a call to the customer care department. But that time all the customer care executives were busy in assisting others, so she was told to wait. But Julie does not want to wait and thinks that she should be prioritized. So whenever she got the chance to talk to the agent, she started complaining for being on hold.


I. Firstly, let her know that she will be served ASAP.

II. You will not single out a specific customer only because she thinks that she is the most important and should get priority over other customers.

III. Try to serve her as quickly as possible or else refer her to other less busy support agents who can offer better and quick assistance.

IV. Make her feel that providing assistance is important for you and you are always available to help. 

3. The friendly customer



Amongst all types of customers, the friendly customer is a sympathetic, kind and happy one whom every business wants. But sometimes, he or she may become very talkative, making us delayed in assisting others. Dealing with this kind of customers is quite simple. Always try to keep a little distance from them, and don’t be too much personal. At the same time, you must be friendly and kind.


‘While handling customers, try to follow what they are saying and enjoy their jokes, but also interrupt them quite politely if they stretch the conversation too long.’

4. The complaining customer

The complaining customer


Some customers are never satisfied with your services and always find flaws. Though it’s frustrating sometimes, but don’t forget that they are your customers and you can’t afford to lose them.

You need to have huge patience to deal with such kind of difficult customers. Stay calm while listening to their complaints. But such customers, though complain too much also appreciate you if you handle them tactfully and resolve their issues. They tend to be good and will happily give positive feedback if you can satisfy them.


‘While handling customers, listen to their complaints carefully and don’t give excuses. Let them finish first and then you suggest ways to resolve issues.’

5. The shy not so happy customer



Shy customers always try to avoid any confrontation, even though they need any assistance or not happy with the service. In fact, unless you actively seek feedback from them, you will never get to know that they are not satisfied with your products or services. Here you need to take the initiative to reach out to them to know if they are having any problem or not and then do the necessary things to resolve their issues.


‘Reach to them proactively and ask their feedback. If you have got negative feedback from them, instead of ignoring it, do your best to solve the issues.’ 

6. The suspicious customer



This kind of customers always doubt on anything and everything. The suspicious customer may even reject your arguments, even if it’s logical. He will always try to dominate any conversation and convince you with his own points.


‘Firstly, don’t ever argue with them. Always stay calm and ask questions to understand what they actually want.’ 

Over to you!

As a support agent, you also may have encountered several such customers. Share your experience with us in the comment section.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
Author’s Bio

Suvashree is responsible for handling the website content, blog and social media marketing activities at REVE Chat. Graduated in English literature, she has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her interests include reading, painting and travelling.

  • Ahasan

    Thanks for helpful ideas. But there some Scholar visitors who tries to provide idea that is not possible to do, but they force to do. Not ready to listen any word. How can we handle them??

    • Hi Ahasan. A very good question. You need to handle them tactfully. Firstly, appreciate them for their ideas and then tell that their ideas will be forwarded to the management. If possible, those will be impleted for sure. Your tone should be very polite and humble.

  • Ron

    Nice to read this article. Its very familiar scenario for us who are providing customer support.Sometimes, some visitors ask some questions which are not relevant to our service (related to other’s service), but they force to answer them.And sometimes they use some slang as well.What should we do in this case?

    • Thanks Ron.
      For handling customers, you need to be calm and patient. When customers ask questions which are not relevant to the service, tell them politely that its not related to the service you are offering and you dont have any idea about it.

      Also you need to handle the customers professionally who use slang languages or are abusing you. Try to overlook or if you are unable to do so, forward the call to one of your seniors.

  • paul scholes

    Thanks for sharing your research! I’m really enjoying your blog.

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