Top Benefits of Using Live Chat Visitor Tracking to Boost Online Marketing and Sales Leads



Customers are very important for any organization. There are so many customers who spend thousands and even millions of dollars per year with companies. So whenever they face any product issue or have a question, they expect the company’s customer support department to resolve their issues or answer to their questions. As per the RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report, ‘89% of consumers has stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.


Businesses can gain your long term support if they exceed the expectation you have from them by going some extra miles to win your loyalty. And in return you keep coming back to them for business. So as you can see, customer support now days plays an important part in sales conversion. Even customer service sometimes is the only way through which a business can differentiate itself from its other competitors.


Apart from that in recent days, be it a financial or educational institution, a travel company, online retail store or any real estate company, today’s multitasking and net savvy generation mainly rely on website for instant assistance. According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses and products online. That’s staggering number!! So, now businesses have started getting more online presence through website- the most important place for introducing your brand to customers and explain the benefits of your products and services.


With this extended online presence, customer support also has come up to provide instant support in real-time. Here in this scenario, live chat software is a great help allowing you to introduce live communication in many different ways- from offering instant customer support to displaying a very attractive and visible live chat graphics for greeting your website visitors with proactive chat.


Live chat visitor tracking as a unique feature of online chat software, works as a finger on the pulse of your online visitors. If you are unable to see what’s happening in your store at any given point of time, you will not get any idea about what’s exactly going on. Live Chat visitor tracking for lead generation, a distinct feature of live chat software is designed specifically for business with online presence.


Other tools like Google Analytics are also good for providing visitor analytics for website but they have several limitations. Live chat visitor monitoring on the other hand, provides you real-time info about current website visitors as it lets you to see the customers browse you website and go from checkout to purchase, all as it happens in real-time. In simple terms, it automatically analyzes the website visit data and summarizes it into so easy and simple take ways through which you can get actionable marketing strategies.


Benefits of visitor tracking for lead generation

Analyze your visitor monitoring for better customer insights


Live chat web insights is designed with real time visitor tracking and monitoring. With such features, you can get information about your visitors in real-time from your dashboard. The visitor’s geographic location, IP address, pages he has viewed, previous page visits etc, all these info can be gained with the help of this feature of live chat. This statistics will help you to understand the behaviour of your website visitors, which enables you to provide support as per their choice.

Proactively chat with customer

With one click, start chatting with any visitor on your site instantly and offer instant assistance. By providing the right answer at the right time you can win the heart of your website visitors which may increase your sales conversion and brand image.

Get clear and actionable marketing insights

Now find out the top keywords, top referring sites and many more at a glance with this live chat visitor tracking. Is your website landing page making any difference to both customer growth and retention? Are a majority of chats coming from a specific page of your website? This website analytics feature provides lists mentioning the top pages from where you chat are coming, thus enabling you to make smarter decisions for increasing your sales conversions and customer satisfaction both.


With live chat, these two goals work hand-in-hand. Apart from that, URL report shows from which pages chats are initiated, pages viewed by website visitors during their chats etc. For all the advanced reports, you can segregate by agent, department, date and many more. The analytics report also lets you filter by chat type including initiated visitor, proactive, missed and offline.

Feedback forms

Are you ready to take the whole process of customer support to a whole new level? In addition with visitor analytics, live chat solution comes with feedback loop to customer communication. Now you have the option to run complete survey after the successful completion of each chat sessions.


You can customize the survey/feedback forms as per your requirements and then can have the answers from your customers during or after live chat which will be automatically emailed to you and your support agents. Post chat feedback pop up increases the customer satisfaction level and helps to improve your support quality.

Chat transfer

Live chat also offers chat transfer feature with which by clicking on a button, one can transfer a chat to another agent, another support tier, or another department. The agent to whom the chat got transferred all the previous chat history to get an idea of the visitor and his/her queries. It enables o provide instant assistance in the same way your customer want thus facilitating higher customer satisfaction and more sales conversion.


Live chat visitor tracking and monitoring has the ability to improve consumer perception towards the business. Information seeking consumers thrive on live chat for assistance and even shoppers enjoy the benefits of confirming the price or feature of a specific product before or during the purchase process. Live chat with visitors helps to retain them on your website for longer time.


The longer they are on your website the more chances are there to convert them into your clients. The live chat analytics feature starts collecting data once you activate the live chat integration, so make sure to enable it ASAP.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
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