Live Chat Queuing: Manage Agent Workload in a Better Way


In this quick paced environment of live customer support, happy customers & professional management can be achieved only through optimum usage of time. Interactions between a customer and support agent has always been a one-to-one affair, providing support via phone or emails. But as the times are changing multitasking is taking over.

This is where Live chat Customer Support comes in and saves a lot of resources. You’ll be able to response faster in real-time achieving higher customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer always brings you more sales than anybody else.




REVE Chat in one such a kind of real time customer engagement software. In the domain of live chat for customer support REVE Chat offers an important feature- the queuing facility which has two major benefits. Firstly, your agents can take multiple support requests at one time and secondly they can provide an estimated time limit to customers when they experience higher support requests than usual.

Live Chat Queuing: What’s this all about?



This live chat queuing feature in REVE Chat software enables you to specify how your incoming chat requests will be handled when all your agents are busy in assisting others. It gives information to your website visitors regarding their waiting time in chat queue and sets accurate response time expectations.

Here’s how it works:

Suppose all of your chat agents are busy and the next visitor seeking for some kind of assistance, wishes to start a real time chat conversation with one of your agent. In this case that website visitor will receive a message asking him/her to wait and information regarding his position in the queue. In this way other new visitors arriving after the previous one will also be in the queue and each one of them increments a queue number.

Meanwhile, if one of your agent ends one chat, immediately he receives the chat request from the first visitor who that time is at the top position in queue. Once that agent accepts the chat request, all the other waiting visitors will get their updated position in queue, as a message received in their chat widgets.

Now here are the three main benefits of Queuing facility

1) Enables you to give value to your customers which can facilitate more sales

While all of your agents are busy in assisting others, this queuing feature of live chat software helps you not to lose any new visitor who can become your client. If all of your chat agents are busy, the new visitor can see his place in the queue. The special queuing feature of REVE Chat real time customer engagement software keeps on informing the visitor of his wait time. By reassuring him of his positions in the queue, you can make him feel valued and demonstrate your eagerness to assist him.




In this way, in spite of leaving your website with a feeling of disgust, he will love to wait some more time for your assistance. As they already know how long they need to wait, in the mean time they can complete other tasks. Apart from that they can also check out your other products and services. You never know they may like other stuffs also which can facilitate more sales.

2) You can promote new offers and services to your visitors waiting in queue


While your website visitors are waiting in the queue, you can display your new products and offers in the chat box. The visitors in this way will come to know about latest offerings and may take some time out to look into the offers in detail. If your products and offers are appealing enough , your visitors may end up buying those.

3) Creates transparency between website visitor and chat agent



When all agents are chatting at capacity, an estimated wait time is displayed to visitors waiting in the queue along with their place in line. With the help of this queuing feature of live chat software, your visitors get an idea about how long they need to wait to start the conversation with your agent.

At the same time they also can see their progress and exact position in the queue. Queuing chat feature gives your website visitor real time response otherwise they may have left the website.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
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