Live Chat Solution: The Next Growth Opportunity for Your eCommerce Business

In today’s highly challenging market, any advantage your business has over your competitors can make a vast difference in the volume of your total profit. The gradually emerging online retail market has been boosted in recent times, thus providing an important route of doing shopping.

If you own an online store, you may have seen the natural tendencies of most of the customers: they want to communicate, need advice, help and require clarifications regarding your products and services. This can be a crucial issue in any kind of business if one fails to provide all these. To improve the scenario and provide better customer assistance, live chat solution can be the best solution on your website which can make you the differentiator for turning your website visitors loyal to your brand and not to choose your competitors over you.

Today, the customers who visit your website for shopping, feel the need to interact with someone who can assist them to choose the best product from your website as per their requirements. This is the main reason why having an expert available on your website through live chat can be a very appropriate advantage for you over your competitors. It’s just like being attended by a sales person while shopping in a normal brick and mortar store. With this live chat for ecommerce, you can make your customers feel special, they will be satisfied and encouraged to build a relationship with you. And this is for sure may lead to customer loyalty.

Benefits of live chat for ecommerce website:

Offer instant assistance

Live chat ensures instant assistance that a ticket or email system always lack. There are times, when after selecting any product, the customer may want to know some additional details of that product, for example the exact colour or size measurement which is not available in the website In that case, writing a mail or waiting in the queue for a telephonic call may turn the customer impatient and you never know he/she may leave from there. Instant response from the live chat support agent will eliminate the scope of leaving your website in the middle of shopping.


Assist with technical issues, related to your website

Many times, your customers may face several technical issues such as failure in online transaction, slow internet speed, broken pages for which they need to talk to a live person in your website. Live chat offers Click to Call, a distinct feature which provides voice call. With it, by just clicking a button, website visitors can directly talk to your support agents.

Get instant customer feedback

Now you don’t need to struggle any more to get customer feedback. You can make use of the live chat’s Triggers and Proactive Chat invitations to start a friendly conversation and gather customer feedback more efficiently. With another feature- offline message, your customer can get in touch with you even when you are offline. They can send offline messages which your support agent will get when they come online. So through live chat for ecommerce website you can assist those customers who came on your website when your support service was not available.

Keep a track of your visitor’s activities

Live chat helps you to monitor your visitor’s activities on your website with its features- real-time visitor monitoring and reporting. Now you can monitor your website visitors in real-time, you can get reports (day, week and month basis) on the number of chats, page visits, total number of visitors, their IP address, Countries, geographic locations, past chats etc. These statistics also can be filtered on agent basis to have an idea about your support agent’s performance.

Increase sales conversions

Knowing how your chat agents are performing is very important to understand the quality of your support service because it influences your customer’s buying decision. Live chat for ecommerce makes the whole process easy. Its Chat Monitoring feature enables you to check the previous chat history of your support agents and helps you to have an idea about their performances.

Apart from that it also provides an overview of every visitor- past visits, previous chat, and time on site. An agent can use these info to start the conversation in their own context and then decide what will be the right offer to give. It could be an up-selling or cross-selling opportunity or coupon code that may improve sales conversion rate.

Cost effective

Setting up the best live chat software for ecommerce is very easy. While a phone operator can serve only one customer at one time, a live chat agent can handle multiple chats thereby decreasing the human resource expense. Apart from that, its Queuing feature, enables you to specify how your incoming chat requests will be handled when all your agents are busy in assisting others.

It gives information to your website visitors regarding their waiting time in chat queue and sets accurate response time expectations.Apart from that if your agents are too busy in handling others and people are waiting in chat queue for a long time, as an admin also you can start providing support to them from your dashboard itself.


So implement the best live chat software for your ecommerce business today and see the difference.

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