Live Chat Software or Instant Messaging: Which One is Better for VoIP Service Providers?


VoIP service providers need to manage their business globally as their customers are scattered all around the world. Most of them have their own websites where people come to check out and buy their products and offering. In this case, the IP telephony service provider needs a live chat solution as a customer support system in his website which gives a way to assist customers who may be struggling with the website or may have questions about a product they wish to purchase. Customer support for VoIP business offers an easy way to increase sales leads, get instant customer feedback, important analytics, operator reports and more.


Other instant messaging tools (IM) like Skype also offers a way to stay in touch with others online. Beyond this basic purpose of communication, however, live chat solutions and Skype are dramatically different.


As VoIP service providers have their customers in all over the world, they need to know who are the people visiting their websites, for example they should know from where the website visitors are coming, which pages they are viewing the most, their interests, etc in order to serve them in a better way. Live chat solutions as a customer support system can provide their customers the live assistance with adequate resources including screenshots, pictures, hyperlinks and any useful contents when they are browsing your website. A powerful live chat system also offers business a few helpful tools to analyze online customers’ behaviours and habits on business websites.

Now let’s see the comparison between Skype and live chat solution




Instant messaging tool like Skype lets you stay in touch with your contacts online. You can use this program to make phone calls to other users as well as to real phones. You can also send files, engage in video chat or even send text messages to cell phones. With this kind of tool, you typically must enter a user as a contact before you can engage in chat with that person and he/she must accept your contact request before communications can begin.

Live chat solution

Designed exclusively for business use, your friends and family cannot use it to chat with you unless they visit your site and click on the live chat button. Even then also, as you are not the only one responding to the chat requests, they may end up talking with one of your agents instead. As a result, this is not an ideal option for personal communication between friends or family, but instead is best for relatively impersonal business conversations.

Features of live chat software

1. Live chat

Enable your website visitors to talk to your agents in real-time for any assistance.

2. Proactive chat

Send invitations for initiating chat with your website visitors anywhere on your website.

3. Queuing

Handle chat requests efficiently when all your agents are busy. It gives information to website visitors regarding their waiting time in the chat queue.

4. Real-time chat monitoring

This feature enables the admin to monitor the conversation between chat agents and visitors in real-time.

5. Personalised branding

Offers full customization and complete white label branding as per your requirements.

6. Secured chat sessions

Secured chat conversations with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

7. Visitor Monitoring

Using advanced visualisation feature, you can track and monitor visitors in real-time. It allows you to get an idea about the time when your website has maximum visitors. So you can have a strategy to reach them for better customer service and more sales conversions.

8. Chat history

As admin or as an agent, you can see the detailed history of all your chat conversations with your website visitors.

9. Multiple website integration

It enables you to integrate the chat button in multiple websites. So from your dashboard you can manage multiple chat sessions in multiple websites.

10. Real-time visitor info

Know your website visitors by their city, country, location, IP address etc and offer them more personalised support.

11. Offline messages

When all of your agents are offline, if one of your website visitor clicks on the chat button for initiating a live chat, will get an offline pre-chat form where he/she needs to enter details like name, email address and the message. Once one of your agent comes online he will get the message and can reply to the given email address of that website visitor.

12. Reporting

This advanced feature of live chat makes it easier to monitor the key metrics and optimizes the whole process for both your website visitors’ and agents. It includes detailed analytics that measure several aspects like the total amount of time spent by your website visitor on each chat, the overall activity of your agents, conversion tracking, track of transcript reports, monitoring chat history and many more.


The world is evolving towards personalized communication and customer expect instant answers to their queries. Having customer support for VoIP business,not just gives you a competitive edge, it would also help to build customer loyalty. This is how an online business can make a difference to their customers. So, with 250 million monthly connected users, Skype is obviously at least one of the communication choices for many around the world.


But for assisting your online website visitors in real-time, with visitor analytics, online chat monitoring, chat queuing, proactive chat and other unique features, live chat solutions undoubtedly should be the best option.


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