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ANGRY CUSTOMERS: How to Handle Them?


Your customers may get angry or frustrated for several reasons: some are justified, some are not. But in the business, if your job is to serve clients, you will surely encounter rude and impatient people at one time or another.

How you reply back to customers will make the difference between a client who feels satisfied with the solution and one who decides never to come back to you for business.
While dealing with angry customers, apart from listening to their issues, we also need to make them understand our limitations because of which they faced problems but in a very polite way.




Here, let’s discuss some of the good tactics which will help you to cope up with tensed situations and resolving these in a professional manner.

Don’t lose patience, remain calm

Of course you will not like to get confronted by an angry heated person who will charge you for which you may not be responsible. However, here your job will be to stay cool and calm. You also may have the urge to yell back at them, but you have to stop yourself from doing so! Getting angry on your customers will only escalate the situation. So instead of that be ready with your best customer support attitude and buckle down.


1. While dealing with angry customers, never show sarcasm or fake politeness as it will only make them more heated and turn the whole situation worse.

Don’t take things personally

If any customer is particularly frustrated or angry, he or she may say several things to you which you will find rude but you should not take all those personally. While dealing with customer complaints, keep one simple thing in mind: that the customer is upset with the business, product or service that has been provided- she is not unset with you. So you have to keep aside your personal feelings.


1. While dealing with customer complaints, if any, customer becomes too abusive and you are unable to handle, call your supervisor or any of your senior colleagues to resolve the problem.

2. Before walking back, explain your supervisor or the person who will help you, the whole story and why you felt the need to get him for resolving the issue.

Please note that you should know your organization’s policy on when to ask help from the authorities and how to document any of such encounters as specific details must be necessary for future follow up.

Just listen, don’t react

The first thing that a frustrated client wants is to vet and to do so, he or she needs someone to listen. Here of course you are the person. Listening to what he is saying will actually defuse the situation. So listen to him patiently. When he is done, you should summarize the whole what you have understood and start asking questions for further clarification of their complaints.


1. Try to start the conversation with a neutral statement like “Let’s forget what happened or “Please tell me how I may help you?” This will help to build a partnership between you and the customer.


Actively sympathize

Being sympathetic will help you to make the customers feel that you are really trying to help them. Once you have understood the problem, show them that you are really feeling bad for it and understand why they are so upset.
Respect and understanding help to go a long way towards resolving things completely.

Apologize properly

Make your customer understand that you are genuinely sorry for whatever has happened, though you think he or she was being a bit dramatic about the whole situation. Apologizing will help you to go a long way.
Sometimes, customers while being heated up, want someone who will apologize to them for the bad services offered. Once you apologize on behalf of your company, he or she cools down a bit.

Find out a solution

Once you understand why your customer is unhappy, it’s high time to offer a solution. First, ask him what best he feels should be done and then if you feel that you also have a solution which will make him happy, tell him about that.

For instance, if it’s a situation of the pizza, which was delivered late to the customer, you can say something like this: “We really understand that you are very upset because your pizza was delivered late. We will refund the amount which you paid for the pizza and offer you a voucher which you can use to get a free one. I will make sure that you get the next pizza without any delay.”

Take immediate action and follow up

Your client and you, once you both have agreed with the solution, take action immediately. Explain to him about all the steps that you are going to take to solve the issue.

Once you fix the problem, follow up with the client over the next couple of days to make sure that he or she is happy with the solution. Try to go beyond and above her expectations whenever you can. For example, you can send her an apology letter or great discount on her next purchase.

Seek feedback from your customers

Ask for feedback from your customers to make sure whether they are satisfied or not and to reduce the risk of this kind of situations happening again.

Summing Up:

It’s really challenging to deal with angry and unsatisfied customers. But you can improve your relationship with them and create further opportunities if you handle the situation professionally.

Author’s Bio

Suvashree is responsible for handling the website content, blog and social media marketing activities at REVE Chat. Graduated in English literature, she has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her interests include reading, painting and travelling.

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  • Robert Lim

    also company can put a notice to avoid abusive customers “While we listen to our customer, but we also honor dignity of our colleagues. Please dont be abusive to them. If you have any complain, you can contact to . You will find this practice in many places in Singapore

    • yes that is a good practice to follow. Not to forget, managing online reputation for any company is every employee’s responsibility. Having a customer focused approach would help angry customers to communicate easily without leaving a feeling that they are not being heard!

  • Sasha Rosen

    The best way to assist angry customer and defuse the situation is in live conversation over the phone and as soon as possible. E-mail is not the best option here even for follow up. Letting customer fully vent without rushing him (her) or interrupting is also very important even though you maybe very eager to help and be in the position to do so immediately. Good article with the very common sense point.

    • Thanks Sasha for your appreciation. You are absolutely correct. Talking over the phone or live chat should be the best possible ways to handle the situation.

  • Nila

    Its a really helpful article for us, who are providing live chat support. We hope there will be more helpful articles like this.

    • Thanks Nila for your appreciation. Please keep visiting for our upcoming blogs.

  • Adam

    I think if any customer is angry he is not angry with the customers service executive they rather they are angry with the companies service. But an etiquette can make a difference though the customers is not happy with the service. At least they will get an impression companies employees are polite and knows the mannerism.

    • Yes Adam, you are absolutely right. So the customer care executive should not take it personally and should professionally handle the situation. As I have mentioned in my blog, if he/she is unable to manage the situation, then he can ask help from his seniors.

  • Yang Nam

    I really appreciate your suggestion. I also suggest my agents to follow the article as “Code of Angry customer dealing” Thank you Suvashree Bhattacharya .

    • Thanks Yang for your appreciation. Please keep visiting for our upcoming blogs.

  • 배찬주

    Angry customers are a challenge for any company and a customer representative. Hope these effective strategies for dealing with these difficult situations will be helpful for the company .

  • Thanawan Haewpetch

    I am the owner of a service provider company” Thai spa and beauty salon ” and it is natural to be faced with some angry customers . Sometimes my employee get tried to convince them and I lose some of my customer . Now I think this article will be helpful to motivate my customer and my employees will be able to handle them effectively . thank you Author.

    • Thanks Thanawan for your appreciation. The tips will surely help your employees to handle tough situations with your customers. Please keep visiting for our upcoming blogs.

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