5 Ways to Utilize Live Chat Solution in the Financial Service Sector

If you are from a financial service sector, then we don’t have to tell you that the economy is really very tough these days. Finding prospect clients has become tougher than before, so now days financial planners need to offer more to woo the customers just in order to get their commissions. Meanwhile, many others have started offering financial services online, as there is more chance to access the new leads and potential clients.

But how to attract these potential clients?

The answer will be adding live chat solution on your website which allows your clients to talk to a live person in real-time on the website itself. It’s an undoubtedly great way of expanding your financial business.


live chat solution for get more customers


Top 5 ways on how Live Chat Solution can help your business grow:

But how does the live chat service help in increasing the client base? Let’s discuss the top 5 ways:

1) Create a lead as a part of sales conversion

In the financial industry, one big problem is that its services are very hard to market online. Like other eCommerce store, you just cannot add a ‘Buy Now’ button under the offerings. But with eCommerce live chat service, people will get a better way to ask for more info. This way they can easily chat with your sales or support agents which may facilitate more sales conversions.

2) With live chat on website offer excellent customer support

Don’t always take live chat customer service as your sales funnel, its also the best way to stay in touch with clients, provide instant customer support and other info in order to make them feel like they are cared for and their concerns are being taken care of. A good example is how a chatbot for insurance helps automate support.   

3) Offer voice chat to give a more personalized touch

It’s a unique feature of live chat through which the customer can make voice calls to your support agents. It’s a great way for them to feel that they are getting some sort of face-to-face consultation. It gives them a personalized touch of someone actually talking to them. You can also rely on a chatbot for the banking industry and add a new dimension to personalization. In fact, a bot can be combined with live chat to enhance customer experience in the financial service.  

4) Use live chat customer service to introduce new services

Live chat customer support allows you to communicate about the upcoming products or services during or before ending each chat session with your clients. In this way customers also will know about the upcoming services and also can clarify all their doubts on the same.

5) Get instant customer feedback

When a client concludes the chat session, you can ask him/her to review his experience or provide feedback regarding your offerings. By adding live chat with website, you can get instant customer feedback which can help you to improve the quality of your products and support service.

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