5 Tips to Accelerate the Chat Engagement Rate on Your Website using Live Chat Service

It is widely known that business can get a lot of benefits from live chat service such as increased conversion rate, enhanced level of customer satisfaction and many more.

But if the total chat volume on your website is low, meaning there are very few website visitors who are willing to chat, then, you should start worrying about how to improve conversion rate.

From time to time, many customers asked us one simple question: ‘How to improve the total chat volume on my website?’ People often visit websites but very few of them initiate the live chat. So how to use chat to engage?

Here, let me give you some possible solutions to leverage your chat volume in a better way:

1. Make your chat banner visible

First, decide the position where you want to place the live chat banner. Don’t forget one thing – it is very important to choose the right placement for attracting the visual attention. Otherwise, your website visitors may not be able to understand that they actually can initiate live chat with you whenever they need any assistance.

Also think further about the color and the style of your live chat banner. Is that prominent enough to be located? The chat banner should not only match with the look and feel of your website, but also its bright color and consistent styling with your own website will make you more professional to your customers.

Basically chat banner can be put anywhere on the website, but you should be sure that the position will suit your website visitors. So my suggestion will be to test the chat banner position for finding a perfect one. Additionally, it can be customized in terms of size, color, etc. as per your requirements. So with this, website visitors can easily initiate the chat to engage.




So, let’s have a look at the above mentioned image. Le Reve Craze, a renowned online store, have placed the chat banner in such a way that it’s properly visible and easily accessible by the website visitors which also helped them to improve conversion rate.

2. Add the chat banner on each page

Many times, for your products or services, you may have more than one webpage or one website. So, if you put the chat banner on the ‘Home’ page only, then your website visitors on other pages need to go back to the ‘Home’ page again to initiate live chat with you.

“I will not prefer this, will you?”

For increased conversion rate, the best solution will be to put the live chat banner on each and every webpage to make sure that website visitors can get instant help whenever and wherever they need. Live chat allows you to manage all the chats from a single dashboard. So sounds really good! Isn’t it?

Now let’s have a look at it! Inaani, is one of the leading retail and wholesale VoIP service provider. Apart from ‘Home’ page, it has placed the live chat banner on each and every web page of its website so that customers can opt for live chat from anywhere in the website.



3. Engage proactively to offer assistance

If you look into the statistics, you may notice some website visitors:

  • Leave your website after staying on the pricing page for 20 seconds
  • After adding some product in the shopping cart, suddenly exit from the check-out page
  • After landing on your website, suddenly leave the website and many more

In this way, good sales opportunities are slipping through your fingers. So how to improve the conversion rate?
Trust me, with a little bit of change in your support service, you can stop them from abandoning your website.




Send chat invitations directly to the visitors after they spend a specific amount of time on your website to improve conversion rate.

4. Your live chat solution should work brilliantly on the mobile devices

If you closely look into the Google Analytics report or any other statistics which you are using, you will notice that a large proportion of your website visitors are surfing your website from their mobile devices. Statistics show that very soon mobile devices will be replaced PCs or laptops in terms of searching any information or making online purchases. Here I want to say that from now onwards you will be going to get more and more mobile visitors.

So don’t just limit your efforts to only laptops and PCs! Make your website mobile friendly and professionally good, otherwise people surfing your website from their mobile devices will leave you due to bad user experience.
The solution will be to let the chat banner easy to use even in mobile and make sure that it fits in the mobile device perfectly in terms of size and style.

5. Engage with the website visitors even on the go

You may work for 8 hours a day, but your visitors may come to your website any time in 24 hours. The reality is that you can’t sit at your desk all the time. So it’s very likely that you will miss chat requests from the visitors while you are away.

We have 2 possible solutions for the same:

a) You can pay close attention to your website and determine the peak and off-peak time periods during a day and based on that manage your availability.

b) Start using live chat mobile app to get chat request alerts anytime and anywhere.

So, keep on testing these ways and you will surely be able to understand your website visitors and increase the chat engagement rate.

Suvashree Bhattacharya
Author’s Bio

Suvashree is responsible for handling the website content, blog and social media marketing activities at REVE Chat. Graduated in English literature, she has done her Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications. Her interests include reading, painting and travelling.

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